Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Macdoel Again

We are up north in Butte Valley again - in the tiny town of Macdoel. It used to be a 1 restaurant town. Now that one is closed. So, it's a no restaurant town. Apparently, the population is 600. But, I don't believe it.

Gillian is having fun, totally wearing me out. She wants to "walk" all the time. But, she can't do it herself. I had the worst sore back last night. Well, not the worst. But, bad for me, I guess. I don't generally have back problems...

The weather is very sunshiny. When we drove up here on Friday, it was pouring rain. Saturday we woke up to snow. Then Sunday was nice & sunny, and it had been since.

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Stef said...

Gillian wants to walk?! Good for her! It is rough when they still need you, but WANT to walk. Ethan did that. I felt like an ape after a while. Rachel has been the opposite... we want her to walk and she can walk, but she'd much rather crawl. :)
Have fun up there in Macdeol!