Thursday, February 7, 2013

When is Babyhood Officially Over?

A couple weeks ago, our sweet baby Kendall turned two.

The night before her birthday, I had gone out to get balloons for her celebration.
We set them up in her room, to hover above her.
The mommy and daddy were a little giddy.
Watching sleeping baby, we smiled at how crazy excited she would be when she woke up.
But, she woke crying.
I woke up wanting to cry, too.
It turned out, she & I were both feeling super sick.
Scott went in to bring her to our room.
He's like, "She didn't even see the balloons!"
Once she was snuggled into our bed and done crying,
I asked her if she saw the balloons in her room.
Matter-a-factly, she said, "Yes."
Did you like them?  I ask.  "No."
The Daddy went out to get her birthday donuts.  She did like that.

The only thing she asked for her birthday was a party hat.
So, we did make party hats.
But, we didn't wear them & make cupcakes until a whole week after her actual birthday.
She blew out both of her candles on her own.
That seemed amazing to me.
But, I guess she was 2 years old, plus a whole week.
Otherwise, I would have declared her to be a genius.

Speaking of... she has quickly been learning all the punk and spunk two year old spirit.
It's amazing, really.
Last month, she was oozing preciousness & pudgy adorableness.
Now she does things like stomping on your toe, to hurt you on purpose.
She screams NO at mommy and daddy sometimes.
She cries when we tell her no.
She used to just obey.  I promise.  She always listened.
I guess our baby is growing up and expanding her world.

That's okay.  Such is life.
But, I really need to get her on video camera before all her babyhood is but a whisper.


Nicola said...

I can't believe she Two! She is super cute! Love the party hats.

Stephanie said...

I love the part when she matter-of-factly replied that she didn't like the balloons. Made me laugh. Such a 2-year-old kind of thing to do! ;)

Happy Birthday to your independent and adorable baby.