Friday, February 15, 2013

The Way it Really Turns Out

I love Valentine's Day, you guys.
I also love Pinterest.
There are so many great ideas to be found, right?

I printed off these cute tiny valentine's.

I set them out on each dinner plate.
I think the kids thought they were okay.
But, I forgot to read them aloud to each of them.
And, they can't read.  So, I don't think they were particularly touched.

How about these gorgeous little pink pasta bows?

So, I made those for the kid's special dinner.
Only, they never pinked up.
The just got super chubby and soggy from the 1.5 hour soak.

I made a cream sauce with peas that I thought was tasty and kid-friendly.
My kids did not agree.
They kept asking, "What is this?!!"  They claimed the smell was too hard to bear.
I suggested they try at least one noodle while I watch.
Our boy put one in his mouth, and then almost exploded.
He ran to the trash and spit it out.  Unbearable!
Gillian wondered why I planned such a joke, of making everyone throw up.

I quickly cut some salami slices into hearts to make up for the fail dinner.

Kids off to bed, and my man and I got our living room picnic together.
Fabulous cheeses and toasts and fig preserves,
asparagus bundles wrapped and roasted with prosciutto,
spinach puff pastry rolls
and our favorite champagne.

I had the idea to make a spectacular canopy of lights in the living,
with paper doilies added on,
like I saw on Pinterest.

Gillian and I worked for a good portion of the afternoon on this project, earlier this week.
We had fun.  We were both excited about our progress.  But, we still weren't done.
The kids and I left the house for an hour or two.
Once we got back, all of the lights had fallen down.
I just left them there.

So, we had our living room picnic with lights and doilies scattered all over the floor.
The way it all really turned out?
Lots of laughing & loving.  It was actually quite lovely.


Krista said...

I laughed out loud reading this. Gillian is classic. Why WOULD you plan such a joke? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing that life isn't perfect for others makes me feel so much better about my blunders and oopsie poopsies! I am glad you could laugh it off, sometimes we try so hard and things just don't go as planned. At least your kids got to see you laugh at life's little failures! It is a blessing for our kids to see that we don't take ourselves so seriously. Thanks for sharing!
Sam Griffith

Angela King said...

sounds like a perfect every day day. glad it was great in the end.

Stephanie said...

Well...Even after reading this, YOU still impress me. :)

P.S. I made lollipop lilies for Valentine's Day, thanks to Pinterest (and they actually turned out super cute).

Nicola said...

Beautiful! Love the lights!