Sunday, October 14, 2012

It was her golden (and pukey) birthday

Gillian turned 6 years old last weekend.
We also had sickness strike our household and spoil her party.
We attempted the pinata and games regardless.  
But, the kids were all dragging.
She ate her requested Caterpillar cake 4 days old.
She was very good natured about it all.

She's been six for a week.  
Her highlight of being six so far was getting to eat her cake.  
(although, she didn't really eat it.  4 days old, not very tasty, in truth.)

Her best memory of her 5th year of life - 
Fairytale Town in Sacramento. 

Rainbow snowcones in the heat of the Sacramento summer

But, since she wasn't actually 5 yet when we went to Fairy Land, 
she thought a second time about her best memory of being 5 - 
And decided it would be the Bay Area Discovery Museum 

The museum is at Fort Baker on the north side of the Golden Gate.  Awesome location.

Gillian's biggest dream for her 6th year of life is that she could learn to ride a horse.
Apparently she has wished for along time that she could ride a horse.
Perhaps this will be the year?  We'll see.

She did already get her dream of going to the Henry Cowell swimming hole for her birthday. 
(Prior to us realizing that we all had a stomach flu churning in our bellies.)

She (and we) got a sweet, surprise day with Daddy 
where we went to Gayle's bakery for breakfast 
& romped across Rodoni Pumpkin patch on the coast.

And, she has her first year of going to a school class.
Gillian is loving school.
(CFT is awesome and so is my sister, founder and director and teacher)
She sure is growing up!

Here's to being six years old, Gillian!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gillian! I could give Gillian a couple riding lessons at Litchfield if you are interested. The horses aren't up for much more than walking, but it's a start.

Nicola said...

Happy Birthday Gillian! She is looking so grown up now. I love the first picture of her, as well as the picture of her and her daddy. What great memories!

Erin said...

Jacqui! We'll have to talk about that. How sweet of you. :) She would adore this.

Stephanie said...

Happy 6th to Gillian! I bet she'd get along famously with my Kayla. :)

I took a peek at the Covenant Family Tutorial website that you linked to. Very interesting. Can you tell us more about that? Perhaps a blog post is in order?