Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Listen Up!

Holy lent season you guys!  I haven't been on this blog much lately, have I?
It hasn't been intentional. 
I guess I don't have many blogging thoughts, while operating on a beany brain.

And, I've been sewing ears.
Bunny ears.

This is what I am adding to the Spring bag giveaway
There will be at least two pairs of easter rabbit felt ears in the package for ya'll.
I'll post tomorrow what the actual ones look like.

If you have donated to get an entry,
 & you also are a blog follower for an additional entry,
will you leave a comment telling me that you follow,
in case I miss you on the google follower list?

I'll be back by tomorrow!


Nicola said...

Like the bunny ears! So cute.

Nicola said...

Also love the picture of Guillian! Did she just loose a first tooth?

Erin said...

Yes, Cola! I have been negligent on blogging about big my girl & her new glasses + lost tooth!