Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Official

She is now a big girl.

Gillian lost her first tooth a couple weeks ago.
We were a bit shocked.  She's 5 1/2.  What happened?  It seemed so soon.
But, that big tooth has already poked through.  It was time.

The other news on her growing up is that she started wearing glasses.
Her eyesight was quite a bit worse than her own daddy's already.
It is an emotional thing, when your child can suddenly see,
& you think back to all the times she was unable to.
We felt awful, really.

When we went to the zoo at the beginning of the year,
she was pretty much just waiting to go back home the whole time.
We were irritated by that. 
What?  Our child who loves this kind of stuff
is a grump the whole time we are at the zoo, just begs to leave?!
A few weeks later we realize she probably couldn't see the animals...
That was the only thing she had missed out on, either.
That was not the only time when I lost my patience with her,
because I thought she was just being difficult. 

I felt guilty & grateful all at once
I was filled with gratitude that we were able to give her the glasses she needed.
How many parents around the world wish they could do the same, but don't have the means?
We are so blessed to be able to get high quality medical care for our kids. 
Speaking of, you know about Toms shoes, right?  One for one.
When you buy a pair of sunglasses, you are also giving sight to someone else.
This may be reason enough for me to get my first pair of nice sunglasses.  Maybe?
I really only sunglasses from Ross.
So, this would be a whole new world for me.

More on Gillian & her grown up self...
She is a good money saver.  I knew that.
But last week she wanted to put money from her piggy bank into the real bank,
so we emptied the pig & counted & rolled money. 
She had $50 in there!!

We have never given allowance, either. 
I think we put a few dollars in there, when we first got the bank when she was a baby.
Mostly she hunts the ground & couches & washing machine for spare change.
I guess I should start picking up all the pennies I see on the sidewalk.

Gillian & I got to go on an ice cream date last weekend.
We have rain here right now.  But there was nice sunshine last weekend.
A trip to the best ice creamery around was perfect.

(mom & daughter matching eye wear & over-grown bangs.)

Gillian had Meyer lemon poppy seed.  I had burnt cinnamon.  Yummo!

Do you know about Embrace the Camera
Emily is trying to get everyone to get into the shot, because our loved ones care.
They will want pictures of YOU. 


Nicola said...

Oh Erin, I loved this post. I loved the pictures as well as just learning to listen to our children. I'm so guilty of not listening and loosing my patience. But, I'm still a very big project, learning that one.

Melissa Joy said...

Brilliant on so many levels.
Love this.

Nikki said...

I completely understand what you mean about the glasses. Two of our four have them and while I had to adjust a bit to their new "look" (just their whole face looking different), I too felt so thankful that I could help them correct their vision (my boys are cross-eyed). She does look absolutely darling in them.
Blessings, Nikki Dauphin

Stef said...

Wow! she does suddenly look like a big girl! I feel like I lost teeth much later in life than my kids are. I wonder what my Mom would say - I'm either remembering wrong or mine are losing teeth a lot earlier.

Very cute glasses, Gillain :)

Vanessa said...

You both look SO much alike now!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Gillian IS all grown-up...and so intelligent/beautiful in those glasses. Great pick!

P.S. Thanks for the heads-up about the possibility of losing teeth. For some reason, I thought it was at an older age? Kayla is 5 1/2 too.

Stephanie said...

One more random question: Is Gillian reading yet? If so, what "strategies" have you used to teach her? I'm a little worried that I'm falling behind in that arena and would love to hear your thoughts.