Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is December 1, but today is fall

Yesterday was SO windy here.  
We were out driving & we drove past a neighbor's gingko tree.  
Yellow leaves were blowing furiously around our car.  
"What is going on?!"  the kids exclaimed.
It's windy day.
"Oh, it must be fall!
As we drove past more  & more falling leaves, 
"it is!  it is!  today IS fall!"

We got home & Gillian asked if we could make kites.
I was busy with something & told her I didn't know how to make kites.
She said that's fine, she meant she would make it, cuz she knows how.
A piece of white paper drawn on with colored pencils, 
just got a piece of yarn taped to it.  
ta-da!  Done.
It is still flying today. 
My creative, resourceful girl!

Moira quickly followed & made a kite of her own.  
Mo style is a bit more streamline.  No fancy decor.
Just paper & yarn & tape.  
Still just as fun.

no worries - no injuries.  loads of drama.

Peyton eventually joined in, after much persuasion, 
but I had puthe camera away.
I'll have to try to get him during a kite run this afternoon.

Another idea the kiddos had for a windy fall day 
was fireplace marshmallow roasting.
I said yes.  It is fall, after all.

Last nighthe wind picked up from super strong to super-duper strong.
As we were in bed, we saw 3 explosive flashes of lights outhe window.
then the power went out.
I was glad it happened once we were all in bed.
Athat moment I remembered how unprepared I am.
We have no working flashlights in our house.
I know where the candles & matches are, though.
Power was back on by the time kids & I were waking. 
(Daddy had already been long gone, 
getting ready for work in the complete darkness.
It's a good thing he is not much for primping & such.)

Wind is still going strong today, this first day of December.
(Don't forget it is still fall until Dec. 21.  Yes.  I still have fall decor up.  
I can never put it away straight after thanksgiving.)

December 1 & we are starting a 25 days until Christmas project.
We are gathering ideas from this RACK'd project
and this one over here.
We aren't organized about it.
We are flying by the seats of our pants a bit.
But as a way of learning the blessing of giving to others, 
we are going to give to someone everyday.
A lot will be to strangers & be rather "random acts of kindness" 
as some like to call it.
Some will be to not so strangers, like the mailman, 
or the librarians, or the coffee shop baristas.
Some will be to people we know well.

today we gave the grocery store clerk & gift card for Starbucks.
Gillian was thrilled to the moon to give ito him.
He was shocked & super thankful.  It was cute!
then when we pulled out of our parking spoto go home for lunch, 
I crashed into the truck nexto me.
Yippee.  Way to go mom.

We are still brainstorming for our ideas for this project.
Do you have any?
Here are some we have planned - 

flowers to the nursing home.
kid's books & balloons to the children's ward athe hospital.
tape money to vending machines. - (here's the one we go to, to get eggs!)
bring cookies to the librarians.
leave a treat for the mailman.
make lunch bags for homeless people.
bring treats to the post office.

and, either think of a lot more ideas or repeat some of these!


Nicola said...

love the post the pictures of the kites and the kiddos are so adorable. As to ideas, I really don't have any right now, but if I think of something I'll post it for you.

Stef said...

WHOA! That looks like very strong wind! I heard Livermore and Brentwood had the same, so must have been all over down there.
We hit December and in came the chilly temps, but beautiful sunshine! Always makes me laugh how sunny it gets here in December. Who would've thought?!

Cute, cute pictures!

Krista said...

I love these pictures, and I love the processing you did on them. So cool. The wind was totally frightening! I had the kids move to a different room a couple times throughout the day, I did NOT like how the tree was swaying...

Sally said...

What a great idea!
How about
-garbage men (Jack just runs to the door when they come - I don't know if you have a similar garbage truck alarm at your house)
-nearby construction site (we spend a lot of time on our walks watching nearby projects. Little boy thing, again!)
-park manager, if your park is supervised, or park & rec office.
-police station/fire station
-senior center nearby?
-box for US troops ( - or maybe you know one)
-elderly neighbor (if any)
-tape money to laundromat - or bring a plate of treats there!
-buy a box of candy bars and hand them out to people leaving the post office or at a park.
-Pay for the people behind you at the coffee shop

Those are just some ideas off the top of my head. Good luck!