Friday, March 4, 2011

k is for koala + Australia preschool study

k is for koala

Our book list for this study -

Can you Cuddle like a Koala?
Cute, cute, cute toddler book.
I love the illustrations.  
It is really a bedtime book,  not really a "koala" story.

Look What Came From Australia
I like this book.  
It is very informative, but the blurbs about each thing is fairly short.
It makes for a fairly easy read for the short attention spans of preschoolers.
It had made the kids want to go to Australia!

The Life Cycle of a Koala
This is very educational - a bit above preschool, though.

The weather was lovely this morning.

We went for a walk, looking for eucalyptus leaves.  (Koala food)
We have a lot of eucalyptus trees in the area.
We may take another hunt soon, to look for a different type.

We listened to this man play his Didgeridoo.

We learned The Kookaburra Song - Kookaburra sits on an old Gum tree...
And we listened to the Kookaburra Laugh.

The Amazing Lyre Bird - They are from Australia.  And really - they are amazing.
Watch the video & see for yourself.  God created some crazy creatures.

We had Australian Meat Pies for dinner last night.  Pretty good.

A little on the bland side.  But, that probably makes them more authentic?
We had mashed potatoes & peas, too.
Scott said when he was in Australia, the only veggies they ate were mashed.

Here's a letter "K" tracing sheet for your kiddos.

I was gonna make cardboard boomerangs with the kids.  Haven't done it yet...


Hummingbirder said...

Those look delicous! I've never heard of them. Did you find the recipe online?

Erin said...

Deanna, follow the link (red letters) to the recipe we used! We just used regular pie dough, though - not puff pastry.

Unknown said...


Stef said...

those Australian meat pies look yummy!!

Charlotte said...

Loved this! And I remember not being too thrilled with Australian food either. It is a lot like food from Great Britain...hearty but tasteless.