Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat, Play, Love {Patched}

This time last year, I was sewing this Picnic quilt.
Then we didn't end up using it much.  
I don't know what I did wrong.  
But, the yellow canvas cloth seams starting pulling apart after just a few washes.
I packed the quilt away.  
I finally pulled it back out & sewed patched over the problem spots.
Now we have a family picnic quilt again.
For eating on - 
So, I baked lemon muffins this morning.

Want some lemon muffins & some funny stories?  
Really.  I just found her blog this week 
& it is cracking me up & making my mouth drool.

So, you wanna know something a little embarrassing?
The words I embroidered on our quilt are
Eat * Play * Love

I did not mean that as a spoof on Eat, Pray, Love.  
I had never heard of the book or movie at the time.
I still haven't seen the movie, even though I love Julia.
(Is that okay to recommend a review for a movie I've never seen?)

Anyway.  All I meant was, it's our picnic quilt.
We'll eat on it.
Play on it.
And I'll make out with my husband on it.
But, now after the movie, I kinda wish I had chosen different words...
I guess I'll just have to embrace it for what it is.

Rain soaked jeans.  I'm short.  My jeans are always dragging.

Those are little choking hazard items on my floor.  Yes...

Embracing the camera 

is me committing to get into pictures with my loved ones.
Go read about it here at the Anderson Crew & get in on it yourself.


Nessa said...

you gotta love a make-out blanket! its really pretty.

melissa said...

Love the colors of the quilt. I have a quilt I need to do the same thing to. Such a bummer. At least you got yours done. Cute pics of you guys.

hannah singer said...

love that quilt!! wow!
i LOVED those muffins, made them this week too! xo

Harim Logan said...

Sweet photos... :) Makes me miss my little girl as a baby... Love the quilt!

Charlotte said...

The quilt is beautiful, Erin! And when I have a chunk of time I am going to check out that confessions blog too.

Erin Adams said...

Thanks Charlotte!
I think you'll like the funny baking blog. :)

Erin Adams said...

Babies grow too fast, huh?!

Erin Adams said...

Hannah, I found the blog via your blog!
Thanks for the quilt love. :)

Erin Adams said...

Melissa, I don't know why that fabric didn't hold? Was your a weave cloth, too?
I do love the patches, though. It's even sweeter looking. Just more work. :(

Erin Adams said...

A necessity, right? ;)

Krista Sobrak-Seaton said...

My pants looked like that yesterday too, as if I had been jumping in puddles instead of just walking to and from the car!

Erin Adams said...

The shorty family!

Kamalakloster said...

Thanks for sharing the blog link and yummy Lemon Muffin recipe! Calvin helped me make some this morning!

I love the picnic quilt. Hoping to get the top done to Greg's Texas Flag nine patch - so I can move on to other projects!

Miss you all and love reading about life.

Erin Adams said...

We miss you guys, Kami! I'm glad you & Calvin had a good baking time. :)