Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Place Cards for Kids

Last minute, before we left for my family's house yesterday,
I remembered to grab the old place settings from my garage.

But, there are numerous children now, who didn't have a wheat bundle.  
So, when we got to my folks house, my sister Lizzy & I had to come up with something quick.
Something the little tikes would be excited about.  
We needed to make 5 in about 30 minutes & use whatever we could find.
We find some turkeys online made with apples & nuts.  We didn't have all the stuff.
We sat, there looking around.
I spotted these baby pumpkins.
We grabbed construction paper & traced the youngins' hands over & over again.
We had no googly eyes.  
Lizzy found these glass vase marbles & made them into eyeballs.
We hot glued the hand/paper tail feathers to the bottom of the pumpkin.
Hot glue the eye balls above the pumpkin stem.
I cut a little wattle from paper & hot glued that under the stem.
Tada.  Done.

Gillian loved hers & was carrying her baby turkey around this morning.  
The little one was named Gobbley.  
But, shortly after, she decided she wanted the pumpkin for Halloween next year
& stripped off all the turkey parts.
What a short life.

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