Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Some Coconut Oil

I've been using Coconut Oil for my skin moisturizing agent.
My sister turned me on to the idea.
She told me about how Coconut Oil gives you a protective barrier
from sun damage, too.
It still allows you to get your vitamin D, unlike traditional sunscreens.
Read specifics here.
(Please note that I do not recommend using coconut oil 
for your sunscreen alternative if you are laying out in the sun for an extended period.)
I've used a little coconut oil in my hair, to control frizzies & major hair fluffing.

I made this Coconut Oil deodorant for us.

We like it!  It has been working really well.
But, truth be told, we aren't big sweaters.
And, the weather has been quite cool here this past week.

I love the way Coconut Oil makes my skin feel.
It seems like it might feel greasy, but it doesn't!
Plus, the smell is subtle & dreamy.

I've been rubbing it into my baby's eczema spots.
I've read that it may help with cradle cap.  I'm gonna try it on my daughter.

I've really fallen in love with Coconut Oil.
Scott told me that it is not a miracle cure all.
Maybe he's right.  But, it still seems pretty great.


Annie said...

I use that exact recipe and I love it! Thanks for having us over today:)

Stef said...

We LOVE coconut oil!! It was the only moisturizer that Rachel was able to use without any reaction to it, when she was a baby. My Mom told me about an article she read (pretty much the info you gave here) and after reading it, I went out and bought some and we've been hooked ever since. Okay, kind of gross, but its the only thing that works on my yucky callused feet! No joke... they stay nice and smooth as long as I put some coconut oil on them every night, before bed.

Stef said...

I am wondering though, regarding the sunscreen: can I put some on my kid's when they go swimming? Or for something like that should I use regular sunscreen? We use sunscreen we get at our Dr's office, because I don't care for some of the harmful ingredients in most of the stuff you fine in stores. Oddly enough, most of those brands don't actually have enough of the main ingredient that guards against skin cancer. Go figure...

Also, try coconut milk, if you haven't already. Its amazing!

Erin said...

I asked Lauren for the recipe!
Coconut Oil will act as a mild skin protectant from the sun. Ideal for use just when you are out & about in the sun. But, it is not good for laying out in the sun, or swimming & such. I would use your special sunscreen for the kids when they are swimming!
I do use coconut milk. I've never just used it to drink. Is that what you mean?

Leah said...

Coconut anything=fabulous!
oil, milk, water, flakes, flour...I am going to try coconut cream next.

Stephanie said...

I have another friend who is constantly singing the praises of coconut oil too! I may have to look into buying some. Where do you get yours?