Friday, July 23, 2010

Do Hard Things

We have decided, once again, to begin the process for an international adoption.
We are excited about it.
With all the blessings we pray for this to be, we know it will bring hard things, too.

If you want to learn about adoption in a nutshell,
read this really excellent post at Rage Against the Minivan.
I've been meaning to share it with you all.
It is a great summary.  It made me think a lot.
It reminded me that along with so many blessings in life,
come hard things.

What about the hard things like
pregnancy, labor, mothering a newborn
& then parenting every day ever after?
Those are all really hard things.
And, I am so glad we decided to do those hard things.

I can't imagine missing out on the blessing of my children.

My marriage is my greatest earthly blessing.

But, marriage is not just a walk in the park.
It is hard work, sacrifice & selflessness.
And, the blessing is oh-so-sweet.

There are other hard things that bare big fruits of blessings.

My sister knows about the blessings that come from
working crazy hard to get your body in shape &
from the hard sacrificing of many tasty foodie treats.

If we were to avoid hard things & try to take the easy road,
can you even imagine how much we would miss?

Good food.

What else?  What hard things have you reaped great blessing from?


Melissa Joy said...

I can't even answer your question through my tears.
But thank you.
Bless you, sweet friend, in the hard things.

Nicola said...

Erin, I'll be praying that God will bless you all through this process of adoption and that He will work out all the details. But also to prepare the little person's heart to enter your home and your heart to receive the little one that God has for you.

Thank you for your words of encouragement to continue on even when it's hard and not pleasant at the time.

Charlotte said...

How very exciting, Erin! Homeschooling and (for myself) pregnancies are on my list of hard things. But they have the greatest blessings!!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful post, Erin! In my experience, the hard things in life usually end up being the best things too. :)

Congrats on moving forward with the adoption. (Kristen's post was amazing, wasn't it? So thought-provoking).

P.S. Have you read the book "Do Hard Things"? I just checked it out from the library.

Hummingbirder said...

That's great! I'll be praying...Thanks for the "food for thought".

Stef said...

Sounds like exciting times for your family!