Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smash Your Toilet Paper

I have been reading some grocery budget tips over here at this Raising Olives blog.  I started implementing one of her tricks.  You know when you are in a public restroom and the toilet paper is not a roll, but a flat thing?  It's really annoying, because it is hard to get very much off of it.  Well, now we try to mimic that idea in our house.  Before I put a new roll of toilet paper out, I smash it down flat.
I have a few little ones here who take pleasure in grabbing a hold of the toilet paper & pulling & pulling & pulling.  I am trying to slow that process down & give myself more time to catch them, before the whole roll is wasted.
Oh.  Here they are.  They were going on a morning "boat" ride.  In a bassinet.  They can play like this for a few minutes, happily.  And then, someone pushes someone else or in some way infringes on another's space.  And, screaming ensues.
The boat ride was fun, while it lasted.
When your mom is pinching pennies by being strict with the toilet paper, you have to be even more creative when in search of something fun to do.


Nicola said...

That is such a cute picture of the kiddos!

Krista said...

Excellent idea actually, my kids do the same thing and are so fast they get quite a bit off before I stop them!

big hair betty said...

I just started reading that blog! I had bought a bunch of packages of Charmin because they were a good deal and I am seriously replacing a roll every other day, crazy! I think I have to go back to buying Costco toilet paper, it lasts a lot longer! Considering I do most of the wiping in the house, I'm pretty sure it is not just being wasted!

Stef said...

wait, I'm very curious about this! I just don't understand what you mean about it being flat and not in a roll. I've never seen this before (am I that sheltered?!) do you mean you have to take off each square at a time? I'm very confused but if it helps keeping the little ones from pulling it a mile long throughout the house, I'm very curious! :)

Erin said...

Stef, the public restroom ones that I am thinking of are that flat, that you pretty much have to just take off one square at a time. My home-version is not quite so intense. Just take you toilet paper roll & smash the entire thing, so the tube on the inside is no longer round. When you put the smashed roll on the roll hanger (or whatever it is called...) & pull, it is slower. Try it & see if I am making any sense! Ha!

Stef said...

yes! that's awesome!!! I did it and it totally works. Thanks for explaining... I do know what public toilet paper you're talking about now :)

Melissa Joy said...

I love this!
For my son, he doesn't care about toilet paper, but he looooooves to blow his nose. Sometimes I will notice while he's playing, suddenly he'll start sniffing loudly and pointing to his nose - then suddenly he'll run into the bathroom, and come out with a tissue in each hand!
Pretty cute. Maybe I need to move the box so he can't reach it as often, though. :)