Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas Seeds

Remember Gillian's love for Christmas seeds? Well, I forgot, until tonight when I was googling Quinoa recipes, that I used to make this Quinoa & Apple Salad with Curry Dressing & it is so good. You must try it!


Mrs. E said...

This sounds fabulous, Erin! ;)
Thanks for sharing...
I have really been into
the "Quinoa thing" of late!!

Love & Blessings~ Jen

Melissa Joy said...

My mom just bought quinoa last week for the first time, and I am going to buy some next week when I hit-up Costco. I am getting excited about all kinds of new things I can do with it... thanks for sharing a recipe and good report!

Steph said...

I always seem to forget about quinoa myself so thanks for the reminder/recipe!
Also, the Sierra Azul post is amazing! We definitely need to head out there soon. The photos of the kids look magical (esp. w/ Gilly in the green dress :)