Wednesday, January 27, 2010

While He Was Out

Scott is in Europe for work. For a week. We are only a couple days into it.

So far, while he was away -

I ate Lasagna for dinner for 3 nights. I finally put the rest into the freezer this evening & called that done for now.
I have beans soaking. I'll eat those for a few days now.

I did my bread baking - Oatmeal Molasses.
I baked my comfort food - lemon poppy seed bread. I like to eat junk all evening, when my husband is away.

I tasted my lemon bread. What? It is nasty. I better have another piece, just to check... No good. Ugh. So, I tried my still-warm oatmeal bread. Yuck. Bitter. The molasses is too strong?

The next morning the problem occurred with everything I ate. Oh good. Maybe I didn't totally mess up all my baking. Maybe it is a personal sinus problem. But, now I take no pleasure in eating lemon cake & chocolate chip cookies. That is a great disappointment to me.

The rain continues on. And, that means the ants keep coming in. My husband loves to kill ants. And, he is missing it. It's very sad.

When I let the dogs out during a break in the rain, they surprised me by deciding to tromp around in the mud. Then came racing back inside. I have muddy paw prints all over my floor. And, I had stinky (really) stinky dogs. I don't bathe animals. So, I hit them up with some doggy shower spray & it seemed to work okay.

Yesterday morning I got a great surprise when I went in to get Moira up from her sleep. Poop all over her crib. She was thrilled to start her day with a warm bath. My guess is she'll try that trick again soon.

I have begun to make Valentine's decorations. Gillian is so excited. Pink & sparkly silver & hearts is the theme.

I am sewing. I have 8 baby carriers partially made that need to be finished. Then I can sell them in my Etsy shop. (What Etsy shop? I don't really have one yet. That's why I need to finish this stuff!)


Melissa Joy said...

Oh Erin. Wow. :) That's really about all I can say!

I wish I knew you were going to do a shop! I just ordered a mei tai for my sis-in-law on Sunday. I guess I could have ordered from one you instead!

Stef said...

I loved this post. These are my favorite kinds - just random talking. Feels like we were just on the phone chatting.

I LOVE to read the tales of stay-at-home moms!! I think I laugh b/c I'm slapped in the face with the reality of this stuff happening to all of us and not just me :) Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or I worry because some of this stuff makes me laugh and not cry, like it would have years ago. So funny.

I'm trying to figure out which bath time my kids prefer best. Since they were born, we typically do baths before bed. They love it; a little bit of bubbles and lots of toys, sometimes lavender to help sooth them into that bed time mood. But then since Kara likes to wear her breakfast every morning, I've begun switching her night time bath, to a morning bath and E&R seem to want to follow suit. I prefer morning showers, so maybe they actually like the morning baths! I love how you said Moira will probably try the poop trick again. So funny.

Great post!

norcalval said...

Hahahaha!!! This is classic! Can't say I've been as lucky as you have been while Dan's away!