Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Homemade Stuff

There was a good amount of homemade gifts passed around the Christmas.

We got a lot of special, thoughtful gifts!

I got a couple books, encouraging the future homemade. I love them!

My parents got me a gorgeous cookbook called Family Meals. I love it & have already made several things from it. Today's middy meal is her Roasted Butternut Squash & Pancetta Pasta.
Sage from the garden & butternut squash left over from last November's CSA produce box. Those Butternuts just last & last.

Garlic bread is made with the "Artisan Bread" that Emily posted this weekend.

My sister Leah gave me Amy Butler's Little Stitches. The snuggie blanket is calling to me. I want to make it.

Here are some of the gifts that I made & gifted this year.

Sock friends - Doggie & Kitty.

Monogrammed Pillowcases


Krista said...

Elena loves her dog, and we love our pillow cases- beautifully done!

Stef said...

we LOVE butternut squash in this house! that looks like it turned out wonderfully.

I love the handmade things too - the stuffed animals are very sweet.

Melissa Joy said...

Love these things!
I am trying to keep my hands busy (as it keeps my mind from "going too much") these days, so I am doing more crafting now than I did for Christmas this year, lol. I'll be posting some of the things as I can - most of them are gifts though, so of course they can only be shown as they're gifted. :)
I love the pillow cases! I want to do that for gifts next Christmas. (sssshhh, don't tell my family! lol)
Where did you buy the cases?? or did you sew them yourself?? (you don't have to tell if you don't want to) :)
How hard *really* are the sock animals??

Erin said...

The sock animals are easy. And, I love that they are completely hand sewing. So, you can hang out with your little man & little easier, than if you are machine sewing.
The thing about the socks - I think they turn out better if you use boy's socks, or women's socks. They get pretty lanky if you use men's.
I did make the pillowcases! We have a fabric outlet in town that sells little trimmings for cheap. And, the fabric I got from a men's shirting outlet in Carmel Valley.

emilie said...

I LOVE that doggy & kitty!! Is that a project from the "Little Stitches" book? Super cute.

Erin said...

Emily - the stuff sock animals are from a book called Sock & Glove. It is SO fun!