Monday, December 1, 2008

Scientific Makeover

Yesterday was the last day of our visit with Scott's family. We went up to SF, to the new Academy of Sciences. It is a very cool place. But, it was a total mad house. Tons of people there! I barely remember the old place. But, it is really different now, that's for sure!
The only thing I got pics of was the Rainforest. But, we also saw the alligators, including the cool albino guy! We say fishies in the aquarium. We saw tons of great stuffed animals - the real kind... Gillian's favorite was the Gorilla.

These are tiny guys! Poison dart frogs!

Gillian liked it all. Peyton was pretty happy looking at stuff. But, really wanted to get down. He was super squirmy!


Melissa Joy said...

may your day be blessed and happy, full of goodness and joy.

love, Peanut ;)

Nicola said...

Congrats! on the new little one coming. How exciting!
Happy Birthday! Love to you.