Thursday, June 6, 2013

For the Birds.

I've sort of fallen off the bloggy truck, I guess.
Sometimes I blog in my head.  But, not usually.  Not now days.
These days, the writing isn't flowing too strong.  In my mind or my fingers.
But, even during this down time of the blog, 
I get really encouraging comments like this one - 
"May I simply just say what a comfort to discover an individual 
who really knows what they 
are discussing online. You definitely realize how to bring a 
problem to light and make it important. A lot more people should read 
this and understand this side of the story. 

It's surprising you're not more popular because you definitely possess the gift."
Really?  Thank you, Anonymous!  I feel so motivated.  But, not enough to click on your virility link.
Thank you, though, for your thoughts.

Oh well.  
These days are spent with these hanging around with my kids, of course.  
And sometimes its hard to hear myself think, for all the noise.
Thoughtful writing, not so much.

Speaking of them, I made them hard boiled eggs yesterday and this was overheard, as they peeled - 

Moira (excitedly) - "Can you imagine that mommy was actually cooking baby chicks?!"

Gillian (in gagging disgust) "Mo!  I was trying to be brave to even try this egg and now you are making it even more embarrassing to eat it.  Stop!"

Just funny.  They are funny.

Our yard is in remodel stage.  
Many newish plants that are mainly for the purpose of attracting hummingbirds.
New planters built and and now prep for a new lawn.
My crew works even in surprise rain (on Memorial day!)

Speaking of Memorial day, we had a good weekend of adventures, 
glad for the kick start of summer.
We went to the beach and to the redwoods.  No surprise.  That's where we live.
Big Basin

Lover's Point Pacific Grove

We had another adventure that weekend.  
We collected critters to bring home as pets.  
We now have 5 Parakeets in our dining room.

Yes.  And, I actually love them.
My general philosophy is that animals should not be brought in to a home to live with people.
That is just not my way.  
Not really my actual way, as in the way I live.  
I've had dogs in my house for years.  
But, it is my way, as in, the ideals I personally hold.
Anyway.  Whatever.  We have birds in our house and I love them.
We all do.

And yes.  They are messy and noisy.  
It's okay.  It's like I'm nesting.
I'm a mother bird.  I clean up seed hulls and bird poop with joy.
I even have been sewing for the birds.  I lovely cage cover.
One thing I am concerned about...  Yesterday a bird flew into our house.  
As in, an outside bird.  One which we did not buy at a pet store.  
She just came in.
I was freaking out.  It was hard to get her out.  She kept going for the window in my kitchen.
I only have two doors to the outside.  And they aren't huge.  
What in the world?  Why did she choose to come in?  Did it have to do with Parakeets?
Is that a thing?  Do birds respond to calls from over types of birds?
Just strange.  I was all jumpy and screamy trying to get that thing out.
No wild birds in my house, please!

My guy and I are having a stay at home date tonight.  It's going to be cheesy.
As in, we are going to eat cheese.  
But, also cheesy in the sense that I think we might sit by the bird cage and admire.
That might be fun and sweet.
And, I also downloaded a new album for us to listen to.
Away We Go soundtrack.  Because we love the movie.  And we love the music.
So, I went to iTunes and put it on my computer. 
That sounds easy, right?
Wrong.  It took me about a week to figure out how to use iTunes.
I'm too old for Apple products.  They just don't work for me.
My brain is not wired for it, I suppose.
And that's okay with me.

I'll try to share more news from around here soon.
If I make it back on the blog more often than monthly.
If not, I guess that's okay.  You'll just be really missing out on all this glamour.

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Stephanie said...

So fun to catch a "glimpse" of what you're up to.

Tim & I still talk about the possibility of baby #4 every day. What has the transition been like to a family of six? Also: What kind of car do you have? ;)