Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I love my work

If marriage is hard work, then I love working hard.
Today Scott & I have been married 8 years.
What a gift this work is.  I am so grateful!

When I hear someone talk about, in an exhausted tone, 
what hard work marriage is, I feel a bit bummed.
It can be accurate to say that marriage is hard work.
It is not a hobby.  It requires effort.
Marriage changes what you are.
And it does take work.

But marriage needs more public praise & celebration.
I want ya'll to know, that this is work I love.
It is easy working hard to love my husband.
He works hard to make it easy.
This is a sweet job.  It just keeps getting better.
I'm glad to stay in this work for the rest of our days.
This work makes me smile.

This song, Sharpened in Time, makes me say, "Yes!  That is it!"

Being your bride has let me see 
That I
ll teach you and youll teach me
In this life, Oh, I
m your iron
Sharpened in time
s so good to be with you

Cause we’ve got an easy kind of love

The kind that makes you say 
At the end of the day
It’s more than I deserve
It kinda makes you cry 
When you look back on your life and think
Oh, God is good, more than I deserve…

Not that it’s never been work, you see

But in this life some things will be
Worth the effort
You’re worth the effort


Nicola said...

Happy Anniversary Erin and Scott! May God continue to grow you both closer together as the years go by.

Stef said...

Happy 8th Anniversary!

I SO agree with you and it does need more public recognition. The song lyrics are beautiful - made me cry. Love it.

We're blessed with faithful, godly men.

Charlotte said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on eight wonderful years!

And yes, there are days when my work in my marriage is easy, and others where I struggle with giving up my desires and selfishness. Marriage and child-rearing have changed me, shaped me, and best of all, sanctified my heart.