Friday, July 29, 2011

What's in Your Fridge (or cupboard or whatever) - Part 1. Snacks

Does anyone else here love the last page interview in Bon Appetit magazine?
I usually turn there first.
I just love knowing what kind of foods people love to eat, I guess.
What's in your fridge?  Best question.  I love it.
Why do I care that Eva Marie Saint always has Brie in her fridge?
I have no idea.

By chance there is any person out on the internets
who cares at all about what is in my fridge, I thought I would tell.

I am going to go above &  beyond.
I will not just tell you my top 3 items.
I'm gonna tell you about all the groceries that are important to me.
Fridge, freezer, pantry, spice cupboard.  Whatever.

Part One - Snack Foods

Toasted Almonds




*I'm not getting anything for mentioning these products.  It is just the stuff we like.


LindaFaye said...

Hmm.. after the picnic post, and this post I am beginning to see that you are in fact quite the foodie. :)

grey rose (they/them) said...

this is fun!
we love cuties and yo baby, too:)


Stephanie said...

Snack items in our house vary, but favorites include:
* all kinds of berries
* clementine cuties
* fresh-peeled carrots
* cucumbers and dressing
* crackers and cheese
* cheese sticks
* cinnamon raisin bread
* popcorn
* popsicles
* beef jerky
* dried mangos or apricots
* peanuts
* dark chocolate
* licorice