Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smart Play

If you have any shopping left to do, for your kiddos, or other people's kiddos, may I suggest you check out Fat Brain Toys? It is a great online store. The toys are spectacular. Fun, imaginative, durable. They have a list of made in the USA toys. We got some Quadrilla through this store. Dado cubes - how cool! Twig blocks? Clever.
These Home planner things are cool. Reminds me of one of my favorite things to do when I was younger. Any of you girls remember our home designs?
These people are seriously into playtime. I like that.


Melissa Joy said...

Okay, so I want that Home Quick Planner for myself! It would totally come in handy this winter as we are designing our new house. :) hehe. Okay, fine, maybe I need an adult version... ;)
And yes, I love that site too. Forwarded it to my m-i-l so my little boy's brain can get fat during playtime. :)

Stef said...

That's awsome - thanks! (and Happy Birthday!!)

Melissa Joy said...

HAPPY 30th, MURFLES!!!!!!!
my mom sends her happy wishes to you, too.
hope it's blessed and lovely.

Unknown said...

fun! I use the digital version of home planning now. It's the only way I could have crammed all the furniture in Leo's small nursery...