Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bed Head

Peyton woke up with the greatest bed hair the other day. I was so crazy about it. It was so cute. Some folks always get bed head. But, this was the first time I've seen my son like this. So, I had to take pictures.

Speaking of Peyton & of beds, he moved out of his crib, into a little big kid bed yesterday. It is going fairly well! Nap times have been a little bit of a struggle. But, bed time went so smoothly last night. It was amazing. Our little guy is growing up pretty fast.


Krista said...

The 4th pictures is my favorite, so very very cute! I love bedhead!

faithsalutes said...

I wear my bed head out in public everyday. Peyton can join me anytime.

Stef said...

I can't believe he doesn't typically get bed head! What a lucky guy. Rachel and Kara wake up looking like they stuck their fingers in a live socket.

I think Peyton and Moira look so much alike! Cute pictures.

Melissa Joy said...

I love bedhead!
On my son.
Not so much on me.

Steph said...

that IS cute bedhead!

Melissa Cummings said...

I love bedhead!
On my son.
Not so much on me.