Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What We've Bean Eating

We had a 5-bean chili today. I hope it is okay if I say that I did a really good job with this chili.

We had some special Phipps beans in it. I used beef stew meat. I threw in Epazote. Epazote is the magic herb you can buy at a Mexican market that helps tone down flatulence. That's what I am told anyway. I'm not sure it works. But, I use it in my beans. It is a scary herb, in that, it smells really strong & nearly exactly like gasoline. I think scientists should look into it as an alternate fuel source. Cuz, it smells the same.


Stew Meat, browned

Beans, soaked overnight in a lot of water

Peruano beans

Vallarta beans

Mexican reds

Black beans

Pinto beans






tomato sauce


bay leaf




smoked paprika



I cooked it for over 4 hours. The beans & meat were nice & soft.

I didn't go out at all today. So, it turned out to be quite productive. I made 2 giant pots of this chili. So, even with my brother David here for dinner, there is still plenty to freeze. I got two pans of enchilada done & in the freezer, too. All this stuff can go with us on our quickly approaching Macdoel trip.

I did my back logged dishes. The oldest was from Friday. Not too bad, for me. The way I see it, I finished my dishes this morning. But, that is not technically accurate. I didn't do my vases or wine glasses. Those never count. They sit on my kitchen counter for ages unwashed. Because, they aren't dirty enough to be offensive. I finished a lot of my laundry. I only have 1 basket left to fold. And, I am 1/2 way done with making a skirt for Gillian's halloween costume. (More on that later another time.)


Lizzy said...

Were the beans better than from the store? They sure look pretty! I've heard that freshly dried beans are better.

Melissa Joy said...

Love it! I want chili now. :) And I love hearing about your busy day. Dishes, laundry, cooking -- sounds about right! ;)

Charlotte said...

What a yummy sounding soup! And I do the same thing with our wine glasses...

Stef said...

"I didn't go out at all today." -- I'm still stuck on that phrase... ahhhhhhh.

That recipe looks delicious! Did you make it up? I am in total awe of people who can make recipes up in their heads. A talent I wish I had. I have to follow recipes and I can add from there, but have never been able to totally make up my own. :(

Sounds yummy!

Erin said...

Mom, I am not really sure if the beans were better. I guess I need to cook them up rather plain, then I can try to compare better. It's hard for me to tell.
Stef, there are very few things I make with no recipe at all. Chili happens to be one that I can do. But, I have put some bland chilis together. They don't all turn out good!

Mrs. E said...

YUM!! :)
Sounds delectable! :)

Nini said...

Nice...another chili recipe! Love all of the beans you used! Beer adds so much to chili!! It is getting to be soup/stew/chili season...I love it!

Miss Jen said...

YUM!! :)
Sounds delectable! :)