Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Even the Strange Ones

Our local CSA started up deliveries two weeks ago. Tomorrow we get our third produce box of the year. I am really impressed with how little we have left in our fridge. Especially with all the odd ones they've been throwing our way. Parsley Root? That is one of the things still hanging out in my fridge, waiting to be used...
I used the Orach. You've never heard of it?! Ah. Neither had I. But, it is kinda like purple baby spinach. I didn't do anything genius with it. Just served it as a side green twice, sauteed in olive oil.
I only have a little bit of Escarole left. And, we ate all of our Arugula.
I used the last of the green garlic today. But, we will see if I can keep this up. We get more tomorrow!
Today for our mid-day meal, we had an old favorite - Leek, Potato & Tarragon soup. I used green garlic instead of regular & that worked really well. I made these tasty little Gougeres to go along side. The recipe is from Molly Wizenburg of Orangette. Can you believe I didn't realize only today that she was in town here for a book signing 2 weeks ago?! I could've met her. Bah! Pooh!
Anyway. I am going to go lay down soon. My daughter, who usually takes great naps, disappointed me by getting up after 40 minutes yesterday. I'd better seize the moment.


laura said...

Mmm...Two Small Farms. :) We didn't sign up this season...or last...but last fall was a lot of fun.
I think I got parsley root one time, if I remember correctly, I tossed it into my stock pot with chicken and carrots. :)

Stef said...

your food posts always make me hungry.

Steph said...

I can't wait for my CSA to start up!
To respond to your comment on my blog- the wave was especially funny since we were saying goodbye to you (i'm sure you noticed your own feet behind him :) and then he starts waving good bye to all of us. His hellos and goodbyes are so random :)