Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inside Day

It could have almost been called hot weather yesterday. Today it is raining & gray. That's okay. We can use some moisture. And, my kids seem to be sick today anyway. We'll just stay inside. I can't really tell what's wrong. Some mild flu or something. They have low fevers. Peyton is fussy & sleepy. Gillian is sleepy, but not too fussy. She is being so strangely mature about the whole thing. This morning, she told me a few times "Mommy, me sick". She asked for breakfast, but didn't eat it. She told me her tummy hurt & she wanted to take a nap (!). So, she has been in bed since just before 9. She has gotten up to go potty, then she asks for more nap. Wow. I hope they feel better soon.
I am going to bake some bread today. It is a good day for it.


Nini said...

Ugh! So sorry the little ones are out of sorts. It really seems to be going around!! Hope they all get better soon...and that you don't get it!

Stef said...

Poor Gillian! I hate seeing our kids so sick. Ours have colds... again. Such is life with toddlers, eh?!
They just have the runny noses, but even that is annoying.
Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! She must really not be feeling well! I hope her and Peyton get better soon.