Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everything Changes

We thought Happy Hollow was the one thing that would never change. We went this week & it looks the same as it did 30 years ago. But, that was the last time. They are doing a major gutting & remodeling . I am sad. This is such a sweet little park. And, although much of it looks "boring" to me now. I remember the thrill of the crooked house slide, and the old lady's shoe slide and the spinning saucer & the special times when Danny the Dragon train was open. I don't think they ever even gave anything a fresh coat of paint. Everything always looked old. But, fun, nonetheless. Now it will be new. Hopefully still fun. We'll have to go next year, and see.

1 comment:

Stef said...

I'm SO sad the park is changing, but I bet it will be just as fun. Cute picture of Jake and Gillian... they look so hot though!