Saturday, June 28, 2008

Salt Waste

(Mine wasn't this beautiful.)
We got red beets in our farm box this week. Sometimes, I let my beets go directly to compost. They are so messy to cook! Everything gets stained fuchsia.
But, my latest Sunset had this recipe that motivated me. I cooked the beets up straight away. Salt Crusted Beets with Avocado, Lavender & Thyme. This sounded great!
They were fun to make, as it involved squishing 3 lbs of salt with egg whites, water & herbs. Then you mound the mixture around the beets & pat it on good. They did turn out tasty. But, I'm not sure they tasted any different from roasted beets that are just tossed with s & p & evoo. The lavender seemed too subtle. It seemed to me that this method is just a waste of salt.

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