Thursday, February 21, 2008

The new role: Big Sis

Here are some photos of Gillian learning that Baby Peyton is, in fact, a baby...not just mommy's belly. Between the time we got home, a little before noon, and her bedtime, which was a minute ago, she must have showered Peyton with 3 or 4 dozen kisses! Just as her parents kept telling her, a baby brother IS better than a dog!

I just had to throw this photo in here. Gillian is turning into quite the shoe fanatic. Now, to double her pleasure in her ever growing shoe collection, she has taken to wearing one of each. Why limit yourself to just one fantastic pair at a time?? Maximize and accessorize! That's her motto.


Stef said...

haha! the shoes... so funny! I think I should try that out. I hate shoes, so mixing up pairs might make them more fun. ;)

Trisha said...

Congrats you guys! Peyton looks so adorable!! Thanks for sharing the photos!