Friday, June 15, 2007

Timeless Tips for Personal Grooming

These little tips are from a book we have that is a collection of all things pertaining to the garden. In this little book, In & Out of the Garden, there are these precious recipes, which I only just now discovered. I thought some people might care to try them out.

For Absent Hair
The ashes of Southernwood, mixed with old salad oil will cause a beard to grow or hair on a bald head.

To Take Away Age Spots
by Sir Hugh Platt
The sappe that issueth out of a birch tree in great abundance, being opened in March or April, with a receiver of glasse set under the boring thereof to receive the same, doth performe the same most excellently and maketh the skin very cleare. This sap will dissolve pearle, a secret not known unto many.

(Sorry I am a bit late on that one. It sounds like the Spring is the best time to collect the magical sap...)

To Keep the Teeth- Both Clean & White
Take a quart of honey, as much vinegar, & half so much of white wine, boil them together, and wash your teeth therwith no & then.

Who knew honey & wine could keep your teeth clean & white?!! And, I guess using this method, you only have to clean those things every once in a while.

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Trisha said...

Hahaha, my Dad should try the tip on absent hair! :)
Love these tips - thanks for sharing!